14 May 2015

Just got the hang of MySQL and now I have to redo all my code using PDO. Horrible hackers and their SQL injection 😞

13 April 2015

Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational character creation page!

30 January 2015

Finally figured out the spincontrol. I had to learn JavaScript to figure out how it works rather than just cut and paste the code in to the PHP.

1 September 2012

Recoded this news page so that the updates are contained in a database rather than coded directly in html.
Replaced the Buzz link to Google +1 as they retired it a while ago now.

6 April 2012

Turning on error_reporting(E_ALL) listed errors I was unaware of and in trying to fix these I cause more problems further along. Lesson learned: only use or die (mysql_error()) when it is needed or you get blank pages. I finally have my site working as it was with the previous provider.

2 April 2012

Well uploading the code from backup was easy. Recreating the database tables on the new server using the PHP code as sole guide is causing me problems.

29 March 2012

Has it been that long? Well sh1t happens.
I had a couple of issues with my site being withdrawn from lack of usage and then it gave up the ghost altogether and wouldn't let me log on. So I have finally moved the whole shabang to EZPZ Hosting.

24 May 2011

The tickbox issue when registering is now fixed.

16 May 2011

Found some help for the checkbox issue at HomeandLearn.co.uk.

19 April 2011

Added a gradient background and rejigged the top graphical text with CoolText.com.

18 April 2011

Noticed that the Registration and Updating of user details does not save the tick in the mail checkbox. I'm going to have to fix that ASAP.

11 April 2011

Finally figured out that table columns in html cannot be resized willy-nilly. A multi-table form was needed to get the format I wanted.

6 April 2011

Found another Javascript spinner control at switchonthecode.com that is has more functionality than the one from webcodingtech but is a lot more complex to code.

5 April 2011

Added more social networking links for Twitter, Google Buzz, Stumbleupon, Delicious and Reddit.

20 March 2011

Included the user login/logout, etc buttons to the menu bar.

Added a clause tickbox to the Registration page.

17 March 2011

Added x10Hosting syndication, and Paypal donation buttons. Using code from thesitewizard.com I added a feedback page.

Added links to the Privacy and Usage pages.

16 March 2011

Added a new layout and the menu using code from thesitewizard.com.

w3schools.com is also a good place to check you're doing it right.

15 March 2011

Finally got rid of the last error from the registration code with the help of JeniF on DaniWeb.com.

14 March 2011

Using W3.org I checked that this site identified itself as "HTML 4.01 Transitional" and that we successfully passed formal validation. The parser implementations used for this check are based on OpenSP (SGML/XML).

2 March 2011

Got loads of help and ideas from thesitewizard.com.
Christopher Heng knows his stuff and explains it in an easy to read and navigate fashion.

1 March 2011

Used HTMLKit.com to modify my 1997 logo file into a favicon for the site.

28 February 2011

Added a Facebook Like button.

26 February 2011

Found a Javascript spinner control at www.webcodingtech.com.
Formatting multi-row tables in Windows Notepad is really difficult :'(

25 February 2011

After installing Apache/MySQL/PHP and playing with the setup to get rid of the errors that the code produced I then found that it also needed a mail server to be installed. So I uninstalled the lot and searched t'interweb for a hosting service. I found x10Hosting.com which provided everything I need to get the membership system up and running.

24 February 2011

Started the site by using some PHP code found at Tutorialized.com. Using my own computer I installed MySQL to find that I also needed Apache and PHP5.