The Dark Evengers

They are Morlaf (MIA), Ulalume (RIP), Hydrix (MIA), Osgoth (RIP), Makfire, and a few others.

Here's what they've been up to...

I wish they'd make their minds up who's hosting this now!
The anthropomorphic weasel left
A whole new bunch
Why is everyone leaving?
Vampires are cool.
Now if I was him I wouldn't have upset them like that.
This is an evil place... they should fit right in :p
So they are now wanted in every town in the south.
What is it with that woman killing inocent people?
I had planned a big explanation from the blighter but she didn't get a chance to say anything :(
At last they get back to the plot.
Never going back to D'onquay again.
Lets ignore ALL the alternative plot threads and start a bar fight.
The original plot is north so we go south.
This group is too evil.
Or going round in circles.
OK try something easier.
Hyrix is mad as well as evil.
Forget the plot and go south.
Setting the scene for the zombie plague.

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