The amazing adventures of the Misfits

They are Braylec (RIP), Jutiapa (RIP), Laurence (RIP), Morlaf (RIP), Thanodel, Grasshopper (MIA), Cronen (Away), Manoriksus (Away), Rosco (RIP), Garguth (Away), Vildar, Tiyana and Ganymede

Here's what they've been up to ...

JH 05/05/05
JR 20/03/05
Setting the scene.
A long journey.
A year passes
Multiple entries expected at any moment :p
MR 28/03/04
JH 07/03/04
CM & JH 26/02/04
JH 23/02/04
JH 26/01/04
CM 19/01/04
JH 13/01/04
JH 03/12/03
JH 20/11/03
JH 05/11/03
JH 23/10/03
CM 20/10/03
Manoriksus is not a shoppaholic.
The only week I'm off no one wants to write the journal for me :(
MC 28/04/03
PA 05/09/02