Cronen was born of Sir Howard Jestetna, a revered knight of the order of Odin, and respected leader of a unit in the King's own guards.

Sir Howard was married, happily, to his lifelong partner Talia - Cronen's mother.

Sir Howard led a chivalric and honorable life, but fell from grace when, on a crusade for the king, he encountered the elf maiden Celedė - rescuing her and a small wood elf village from an attacking horde of Bullywugs.

The fight was a harsh one - and Sir Howard was wounded badly during the fray. Unable to return home, he was nursed back to health over months by the caring elf maiden.

Over time, their bond grew to love, and Sir Howard and Celedė bore a daughter, Amitrea. Foregoing the knightly oath, and his wife and child back home, Sir Howard was abandoned by his god and the fates punished him for his sin. Sir Howard was struck ill with plague, and so as not to endanger the village or his young child - he set off back to Wendar.

Upon returning, he was ostracised further - by his wife for his deceit, and by those around him for his disease. He died, shamed, and starved, in an alley in the city.

His wife, now unable to cope and struck with a gradually worsening disease - entrusted her young son in the care of the Royal guard - her husbands service had at least meant this favour was available. Knowing her son was safe, she too passed on......

Cronen grew as a squire within the Royal Guard; his past kept from him by a caring surrogate family of guards and soldiers who saw the boy as one of their own. A quick learner, at he age of 15 Cronen was finally given the secret of his past by his close, if aging friend, the leader of the guards Harkonen.

As fate would have it, Harkonen had discovered a young Half-elf girl had entered the temple of Freyja in the city as a novice priestess. An old friend of Cronen's father, Harkonen shared the secret past that had been hidden from Cronen for so long.

Enraged, Cronen ran to the temple to confront the young elf woman. Overcoming the temple guards (though not killing them), Cronen made his way to the female and confronted her - keen to address the hardship he had perceived as being done to his mother.

However... on meeting her he realised, with humility, that Amitrea could not be held responsible for the shame of his father. They met, and talked into the night.... and Cronen noticed much in Amitrea that reminded him of himself.

By morning, Cronen swore to atone for his fathers failure. As he stood, tired, he leant against a statue of Frey, Freyja's godly brother. Impossibly, the statue toppled to the floor and shattered - to reveal a sword (+1) inside. Taking this as a divinination, Cronen swore allegiance to Frey as his patron god and protector of his soul.

Over the next 6 years, Cronen trained within the temple, with Amitrea; she as a cleric of Freyja and he as a paladin of Frey. His skills, known to the guards from his childhood, were soon heard of by the kings own recruiters, and Cronen was asked by the king to swear his allegiance to the king second only to his god. Mindful of the legacy of his father, Cronen agreed...

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