The bronze dragon Manorjorix had business in the court of Baron Marl Volospin to try and stop the recent attempts to raid his lair. Taking human form he parlayed with the greedy baron for several days and in this time he was taken aback by the beauty of Lady Melraka, one of the courts minor participants. Out of this meeting of passion emerged Manoriksus, bastard daughter of a creature who could not stay to see her grow up. He did however relocate Lady Melraka to a distant village and set her up with a modest household in which to raise her child.

Manoriksus grew up to be a quiet girl who was teased about her appearance. The boys didnít take her to the barn like the other adolescent girls. She found that she could make herself feel better by zapping inanimate objects with innate electrical ability.

Her father, who had been keeping an eye on her by means of a special amulet, made reappearance and offered to teach her to use her abilities. They built a cottage in a remote location and he spent a whole month exploring her talent before he had to go once more. Since then she has enjoyed the solitude of her studies until rudely set upon by a band of orcs.

I recently described her as tall and strangely beuatiful but she's very self-concious about the lumps on ber back. Her wings aren't big enough to enable her to fly.
Golden tan skin, brown frizzy hair and orange eyes. She is cool, almost haughty and hisses in fear when children play near her.
She likes nice dresses and has a (now tattered) yellow ball gown.

thanks to an Elfwood artist who signs her e-mails as Geek.