Hailing from a fair sized farming community called Crowlerd, Tiyana choose to follow her passion for all nature could offer instead of follwing her families tradition of farming the lands, Daughter to struggling parents of 10 brothers and sisters, Tiyana, not wanting to add to her families burden, would travel the lands to study the plants and animals, returning every few months to assure her family of her safety.

One of Tiyana's siblings also departed the fold to persue a trade in the northern regions. He too would return around twice a year to repair buildings and help out a little.

On one of Tiyana's visits home she was informed that her brother had not returned home in a whole year and her parents were becoming frantic, mainly because some of the outbuildings were starting to crumble, Tiyana assured them that he would be okay and offered to go in search of her brother, after a few days rest and borrowing a horse from a neighbouring farmer Tiyana sets off to the northern regions to find her brother Tranmil.